iSkysoft FLV Converter

iSkysoft FLV Converter 2.3.2

Convert FLV videos into MP4 and more


  • Simple, easy to understand interface
  • Lots of formats supported
  • Good editing features


  • None so far

Very good

iSkysoft FLV Converter lets you convert the popular Flash video standard into formats like MP4 and WMA.

Why would you want to convert FLV files? They're probably the most common video files on the web, but many devices, like iPods, don't run them. iSkysoft FLV Converter makes it easy to convert videos you download from the web into most common video formats, like MOV, MP4, WMV and MKV. You can also change the resolution, to optimize your video for whatever screen you want to watch it on. It lets you rip the audio from videos and save it in MP3, M4A or WMA too.

iSkysoft FLV Converter's interface is well designed, with a preview window, and the editing suite is basic but useful, giving you simple tools like brightness settings, cropping and watermarks. You can see both the original and your edited version side by side, which is neat.

Conversions are easy to set up and quick, and the file's folder will be opened afterwards, so you'll never lose your video. iSkysoft FLV Converter is ideal for anyone who wants a quick and simple way to convert FLV videos.

iSkysoft FLV Converter isn't amazing, but it's stable, does it's job and is easy to use.

iSkysoft FLV Converter


iSkysoft FLV Converter 2.3.2

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